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A virtual hospital for kids to explore

BoBo World: Hospital is a free app for children set in a cartoon hospital. The main objective is to explore the hospital, interact with the characters and objects, solve simple matching puzzles and find hidden items that are scattered around the area.

The app belongs to a series of games that also includes BoBo World: The Little Mermaid. The games in this series are similar to Princess Fashion Girl Dress Up & Makeup Salon APK in that they provide children with virtual dolls.

Explore an interactive world

BoBo World: Hospital begins on a street that's inhabited by a number of characters, which contains a range of interactive areas. Scrolling left to right, you can visit a pharmacist to pick up medicine, put money in vending machines for food and toys, pop into a lift to other levels, and more.

Match people with objects

While much of the game is designed to be explored for the sake of exploration, it does also include some specific tasks. Visit the pharmacy, and you will see a screen showing a specific character with a particular object. You must find and unite the object or character to be rewarded. This might involve putting the character in the lift.

Find hidden objects

Another element of gameplay in BoBo World: Hospital concerns finding hidden objects. Among the many interactive items are certain objects marked by sparkling auras, which will be collected when you click on them. These include magic bottles and robot parts. This element allows the game to work as both a treasure hunt and a virtual doll's house.

Fun for kids

Being designed for children, BoBo World: Hospital lacks appeal for older players. Still, there is plenty here for a child to explore. This virtual hospital is filled with characters to play with and hidden treasures to find.


  • Plenty of areas to explore
  • Adorable characters
  • Hidden objects to find


  • Of little interest to older players

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